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...and thank you for visiting  the joint sales page for N'hay Gear and The Chopper Bag.

Both brands owned and operated by the single creator, me, Loretta Matthews.

N'hay Gear was established in 2009 and has a great reputation for quality custom gear for all areas of your life. With a passion for supplying (but not limited to) canine and equine gear and products being designed and built to perform and last the distance in Australia's harsh environment. Products are made using Australian Made materials wherever possible. 

The Chopper Bag was reborn in 2015 while the original craftswoman found her successor.

I'm proud to be continuing the manufacture of these brilliant bags and have extended the range to more complimentary products to fully cater for your travel experience with The Chopper Bag products. The Chopper Bags are as popular as ever and will continue to be produced with the high quality materials and manufacturing standards to ensure longevity you expect from this iconic luggage after all these years of proven capability in all situations.

Feel free to flick through to find and order the product you're after. Remembering custom make is my specialty and I love a challenge.

“Unavailable” is just “Available via custom order”

While browsing through the store. If it tells you a product is “unavailable” that’s just code for “order here for a custom build”. If however, it is a limited item, you won’t be able to order.

Who doesn’t want their gear built especially for them? No one. That’s who.