Loretta Matthews Industries

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Give the gift of the full experience of choosing and ordering a custom bag from The Chopper Bag. Whether it’s from the standard range or you know someone who needs some custom leather work. The gift voucher allows for your recipient to make all the hard decisions and enjoy the process start to finish. You can’t go wrong!

Choose an amount or build an amount from multiple vouchers and just let me know if it’s to be presented as one total voucher or separate ones. 

When you order your voucher, email or physical gift vouchers can be chosen. Email is pretty self explanatory, just print it out, or emai, it forward and you’re done. If you choose a physical gift certificate, a small gift to hand over and glossy card with printed gift certificate will be sent to you for presentation to your recipient. 

I look forward to working with your friends, family and colleagues after their voucher is presented.