2018 Special Personals Pack

Loretta Matthews Industries

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2018 Special Personals Pack
2018 Special Personals Pack
2018 Special Personals Pack
2018 Special Personals Pack

Special Personals Pack

This special pack is available in limited number. Available in the listed packs and colours only. Colours are listed as canvas/leather/hardware.

Pack includes;

> Chopper Personals Bag - use for toiletries, tech, cameras etc, paperwork, tie down straps, lunch or any number of uses. Easy use with a grab and go handle. 

> Two 98ml silicone non-drip liquid dispensers with built in labelling - tested for a great seal containing liquids such as toiletries, sauces and even alcohol. They’re prefect for flight and all travel. 

> Lanyard for keys, security passes and also good for the silicone bottles. (Black only)

> One leather care dressing tin. 40g net. Chopper HQ secret recipe. Perfect for all leather goods including boots and bags.

> One leather key ring of varied designs. A key ring with that distinct strong leather feel (and smell) and durable whilst being quiet and not damaging to the consol of your car or machinery. Easily tucked into your pocket with no awkward shapes. 

This pack will make a perfect addition to a bag you have ordered or for a Chopper Bag owner that needs a little more accessorising in their life.

As a gift idea it will be great for Father’s Day, or any man or woman in your life who appreciates a thoughtful gift that keeps giving.


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